Lee Strobel - New York Times best-selling author

“Encouraging and inspiring, Bridgette Cameron Ridenour’s new book sparks laughter and evokes tears. It’s authentic, unflinching, and its lessons can be applied in your life starting today. Settle into a comfortable chair and let Bridgette take you on a spiritual journey that will open your eyes and fill your heart.”

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Speaking Events ~

"Bridgette was a surprise guest at our most recent fundraising event, featuring her brother, Kirk Cameron.  Bridgette communicated with boldness and passion, and everyone in the room clearly felt her emotion.  She moved our audience with her story... and I can see Bridgette moving audiences of all ages to action, spreading a message of hope wherever she goes." Heather Lawless ~ Founder and CEO of Reliance Center and Reliance Ministries
  • March 22 - The Julia and Gino Podcast
  • March 25 - Focus on the Family with Sarah Holliday
  • March 23 - Politely Rude Podcast with Abby Johnson
  • March 30 - The All-American Book Club with Eden Gordon Hill  
  • April 1 - Anchored by the Sword with Gina Fox Podcast
  • April 9 - His Glory Network - His Story Podcast with Kelly Hansen
  • April 12 - Patriot Strong with Courtney Allen Podcast
  • April 14 - Durenda Wilson Podcast
  • April 15 - Heidi St. John Podcast
  • April 18 - Ignite with Kraig and Des Bougher Podcast
  • May 1 - Juggling life & Finding Balance with Vivian Cumins Podcast
  • May 3-5 - Umbrella Ministries West Coast Conference, Indian Wells, CA
  • Aug 16-18 - Umbrella Ministries Conference, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Sept 20-21 - Hickory Grove Women's Conference, Independence, KY
  • November 8 - Christ Church, Fairview Heights, IL
  • December 11 - Friendship Church, Palm Desert, CA